Troy! Troy! Troy! retells the story of the Trojan War through the lens of America’s experience in Iraq and the subsequent global financial crisis. When the invading Greeks finally breach the walls of Troy they must confront an unexpected truth, Helen was never there.

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PRINCIPIA by Michael Maiello (playwright) & Andrew Recinos (composer)
A peppy musical fable based on the Principia Discordia and other post-modern legends. This comic, musical exploration of religion, philosophy and conspiracy theories, (and also, how to take over the world), premiered at FringeNYC 2003. Included in Playing with Canons, edited by Martin Denton and published by the New York Theatre Experience in 2006. Read excerpt here.

Waiting for Death
A wealthy, shallow couple throws a wealthy, shallow party in honor of a famous author, but Death shows up instead. Death has come to claim someone, but he’s keeping the identity of this doomed soul a sadistic little secret. The couple and their friends — including a television writer, a plastic surgeon, and a gossip columnist — are suddenly compelled to put their petty concerns aside and face the mortality that may be imminent. Order the script here.

Night of Faith
Sylvia is a difficult dinner date, but Henry is determined to get beyond her apathy. As the increasingly fantastical evening unfolds, the waiter comes to embody Sylvia’s ideal man — a scimitar-wielding Arabian prince. If Henry wants to win Sylvia, he must set aside rationality and best this prince in battle. Order the script here.

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